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The Balanced Curriculum© approach to curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation was developed and tested by David A. Squires, PhD, an educator with over 35 years of experience working in public schools in the United States. In 2000, Dr. Squires took the Balanced Curriculum© process online and developed one of the first web-based tools to facilitate curriculum development and alignment to educational standards.

The Balanced Curriculum© web-based tool remains one of a very few Ed Tech resources out there that was designed by an educator with both teaching, supervisory, and administrative experience. It is the only web-based tool that has been scientifically tested and proven to improve student achievement in K-12 education and health professions education. The Balanced Curriculum © website is used exclusively by ABC Education Consultants, LLC.

Our tool can help improve student achievement on:

  • K-12 standardized tests
  • NCLEX-RN & NCLEX-PN nursing licensure examinations
  • Health professions licensure examinations
  • Over

    students affected by Balanced Curriculum

  • Test Scores


    improvement in test scores, all subjects

  • Proficiency


    or more proficient after 1 year

  • Results within


    Sustained results after 1 year

A Balanced Curriculum

The Evidence


  • A Balanced Curriculum Process

    David A. Squires

    In the book by Dr. James Comer and colleagues, Dr. Squires authored the chapter "A Balanced Curriculum Process" with A. Arrington. The chapter highlights the importance of curriculum alignment as part of any school improvement strategy. - category 1

  • Aligning and Balancing the Standards-Based Curriculum

    David A. Squires

    Full of field-tested implementation tools, this comprehensive handbook shows how schools and districts can use the Balanced Curriculum process to put their schools on the track to success. - category 1

  • Curriculum Alignment: Research Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement

    David A. Squires

    This resource offers school administrators and curriculum specialists practical guidance for aligning curriculum and instruction with state standards and assessments to improve teaching and learning. - category 1

  • Curriculum: District Stories of a Path to Improved Achievement

    David A. Squires

    A curriculum is not known to improve academic achievements. This book offers case studies of three Connecticut districts of high, medium and low socio-economic status, three districts from a national sample that won the prestigious Booker prize mainly representing low SES districts, and 10 districts that have implemented a Balanced Curriculum with a sample of various SES districts from high to low. - category 1

  • Effective Schools and Classrooms: A Research-Based Perspective

    David A. Squires

    Dr. Squires first book is one of his most cited (205 citations and counting as of 2018!) since it was first published in 1983. It provided the foundation for the implementation science based research on curriculum alignment during his 40+ year career serving public schools in the United States. - category 1

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Balanced Curriculum Model: Description and Results

    David A. Squires (2013)

    Fifteen years of research are synthesized into a single outcomes study. Abstract: The Balanced Curriculum is a web-based tool that school districts use to create, align, assess, and manage their curriculum development and implementation. The courses are divided into time-bound units with significant tasks (or assured activities) that local district teachers develop and promise to teach. The significant tasks are aligned to standards and assessment specifications. District curriculum authors also develop assessments for all to use when implementing the curriculum. Results of more than 15 years of implementation show that all districts that have developed curriculum using this model, and ensured implementation, have had significant improvement on their test scores. Implications for teachers, principals, and central office staff are given at the end of the article. - category 2

  • Curriculum Alignment Research Suggests That Alignment Can Improve Student Achievement

    David A. Squires (2012)

    Published in 2012 in The Clearing House: A Journal of Educational Strategies, Issues and Ideas, 85(4): 129-35, this article highlights how curriculum alignment research has developed showing the relationship among three alignment categories: the taught curriculum, the tested curriculum and the written curriculum. Each pair (for example, the taught and the written curriculum) shows a positive impact for aligning those results. Following this, alignment results from the Third International Mathematics and Science Study make the case that curriculum design needs to include alignment. - category 2

  • Effects on achievement scores of SES, gender, teacher effect, and instructional alignment: A study of alignment's power in mastery learning.

    K.T. Wishnick (1989)

    K.T. Wishnick conducted a study to determine if curriculum alignment could overcome the effects of SES, gender, and teacher characteristics on student achievement. Sure enough, it could! - category 2

  • Improved Student Achievement with Alignment

    Squires & Bullock (1999)

    "A Balanced and Aligned Curriculum Implementation is Associated with Improved Student Achievement in District 13 of New York City" with S. Bullock. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association, Montreal, Canada, April 1999. - category 2

  • Increasing NCLEX-RN Pass Rates in Nursing Education

    Allison Squires (2017)

    Applying the Balanced Curriculum approach to a transitional education program designed to bring nurses educated in Mexico into the United States for work in Texas border hospitals where the need for Spanish speaking nurses was great, in as few as four cohorts the Balanced Curriculum approach helped create pass rates on the US nursing licensure exam that were equivalent to national averages. - category 2

  • Instructional Alignment: Searching for a magic bullet

    S.A. Cohen (1987)

    This publication in Educational Researcher was one of the first to examine Dr. Squires' curriculum alignment process applied in public schools. - category 2

  • Toward a Balanced Curriculum: Aligning Standards, Curriculum, and Assessments

    David A. Squires (1998)

    This article published in the Journal of School Research and Information [1998, 16(3), 17-24] is now considered one of the seminal curriculum alignment articles in the field. - category 2

A Balanced Curriculum


Our list of past and current clients are a testimony to our product and service quality.

K-12 Clients

  • Connecticut Technical High School, CT
  • Coventry School District, CT
  • Guildford Public Schools, CT
  • New Haven Public Schools, CT
  • North Branford Public Schools, CT
  • North Haven Schools, CT
  • Rocky Hill Public Schools, CT
  • Meriden Public Schools, CT
  • Trumbull Public Schools, CT
  • Waterbury Public Schools, CT
  • Wolcott Public Schools, CT
  • Louisiana State Curriculum, LA
  • Pontiac School District, MI
  • Franklin County Schools, NC
  • Hertford County School, NC
  • Northampton Schools, NC
  • Parkland High School, Winston Salem, NC
  • Vance County Schools, NC
  • Weldon City Schools, NC
  • Englewood Cliffs Schools, NJ
  • Mott Elementary School, Trenton, NJ
  • Passaic School District, NJ
  • P.S. 20 Jersey City, NJ
  • Red Bank K-8 Schools, NJ
  • District 13, NYC, NY
  • Newburgh, NY
  • Poughkeepsie City Schools, NY
  • SURR Schools, New York State
  • East Liverpool School District, OH
  • Meadeville School District, PA
  • Southside Area School District PA
  • Tyler Public Schools, Tyler, TX
  • Richardson Elementary School, Washington, DC

Graduate Education Clients

  • Geneva College (Beaver, PA)
  • Southern Connecticut State University (Hamden, CT)
  • SUNY Oswego (Oswego, NY)

Health Professions Education Clients

  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (NY)
  • Kings College London Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery, & Palliative Care
  • New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing
  • NursesNow International (Internationally Educated Nurse Placement Firm)
A Balanced Curriculum


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